Be Water

Water is element and force of nature, raw material and resource. It exerts an unconditional fascination on mind, body and soul. Not least for this reason, water has always been a theme in art. Be Water, the new exhibition series at B-Part Exhibition, now takes up the theme of water. In various positions, Be Water approaches the phenomenon in all its states in an experimental, playful and sensual way, showing that the future of water also lies within art.

In Be Water, artistic concepts explore the various qualities of the vital liquid - its anomaly, its forms, its fluidity. Beyond the physical properties of water, however, its cultural and social functions also emerge in the foreground: understood as a medium, water combines different spheres, raises necessary questions about ecology and the future, about scarcity and excess, and yet it is always a material that eludes artistic representation and thus challenges the arts. .

In this sense, Be Water is a call to examine one's own sensual encounter with the artistic material water from a contemporary point of view in order to experience its aesthetic peculiarities anew.