Images of Architecture

At the beginning of every architecture is the image. Be it a hand-drawn sketch, a graphic data set, a building plan, a 3D montage prepared for the public, a lifelike illustration on a building sign: "Here is being created". The relationship between images and architecture is a dynamic one that finds itself repeatedly redefined. Ever new forms and techniques of image production and image processing seem to compete with ever new forms and techniques of construction and building. The art of recognizing this specific pictorial quality in architecture, and vice versa, of being able to track down the repercussions of architecture on the production of images of all kinds, is as appealing as it is necessary.

The new exhibition series "Images of Architecture" at B-Part Exhibition explores the manifold ways in which images and architecture meet. In keeping with the characteristics of the exhibition space and consciously thinking from the picture, the series brings together artists in individual and group exhibitions who show different ways of perceiving, interacting with, looking at, and depicting architecture.