From June 19th to July 7th, Büro Pankow, consisting of Fred Ute, Rock Strongow and Ronny Lichtenberg, acts within the room of B-Part Exhibition. Three identical, plain, black bicycles, loaded over and over with workshop and studio utensils, stand in the room and form a mobile studio community. During the two weeks, the focus will be on mobility in urban space. In this context, the intentional reduction to three bicycles and the thus created convertible workplace emphasize the idea of constant flexibility. Thus, Büro Pankow does not only focus on portable materials and agile work processes, but also on the meta-levels of keywords such as mobility, flexibility and agility. Questions about movement, working methods and life in urban space and references to overriding themes of co-working thus establish a connection to the future-oriented, overall questions to which the B-Part is dedicated.

Various ideas and approaches by invited colleagues and friends will contribute to the topic, which will then be further developed by Büro Pankow. The interim results (drawings, sketches, texts, photos, and collages) will gradually be exhibited in the space and a final extract will be presented on the last day of the two workshop weeks, Friday, June 28th, 2019, as part of a finissage. Afterwards, the room with the work results and the three bicycles as a spatial sculpture suggesting mobility are on display for another week.

Each actor will first approach one or more of their own projects, which can then be merged and linked together in the second week. Nevertheless, due to the shared location, all three participants are in constant exchange.

B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, Berlin